Consumer Finance

The Power of Credit

Would you like to give your customers more financing options? At AJE Lending we offer a consumer finance program for all companies. Regardless of size or years in business, we can help your company launch a credit card program that gives your customers the access to credit they want.

Credit is Good for Business

Establishing consumer financing offers several benefits to your business. With a successful credit card program, you may see the following:

  • An increase in customer loyalty
  • Stronger repeat business and better word of mouth
  • Greater brand awareness
  • Growth in your customer base

You’ll also enjoy expert service from AJE Lending We provide consistent credit approval, thorough training, strong credit limits, and collection of bad debt.

Credit is Good for Customers

Your customers will appreciate having a little more purchasing power in their pockets. A quick and easy application makes the process painless while the convenience of making payments over time is hard to beat. Customers are much more likely to make those big-ticket impulse buys when they have credit in their pockets.

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