Merchant Cash Advance

Could Your Business Benefit From a Merchant Cash Advance?

During these economically challenging times, you may be finding that banks and credit unions are not willing to extend loans to small businesses. Here at AJE Lending, we can help you meet your financial responsibilities and needs with a merchant cash advance. This type of loan is extended to more businesses, even those with imperfect credit. If you have been turned down for a business loan elsewhere, look to us.

For qualifying businesses, cash advances of up to $200,000 may be available for each of your company’s locations. The power of this type of loan resides in the fact that your advances are provided against your future credit card sales, whether you use Discover, Visa, MasterCard, American Express or something else. This can provide a better alternative to a typical small business loan.

Merchant Cash Advance Benefits

In addition to having the cash flow to fund necessities such as inventory, advertising, equipment, supplies or expansion, you will receive these benefits:

  • Payback is easy
  • Collateral is not needed
  • Paperwork is minimal
  • Funds are quickly received
  • Money can be spent how and where you need it
  • Application fee, closing costs, equity loss and fixed payments are non-issues

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